BID Blog

This week at #bid we have been busy gearing up for this weekend's NuL We Stand Together Festival which BID are proud to be funding and supporting.  The weekend is set to be packed with activities, music and much much more....heres the link to the facebook event for more details ALL proceeds from this event go to the vcitims of the Manchester attack.

Our Ambassadors Sue and Rob have been busy out on the town this week handing out information about the festival and making arrangements.  Don't be afraid to stop them and ask for information - that's what their there for!  We are aware that there has been a few teething problems with the Charity Fundraiser's in the town and have reported to the council today about a particular charity that were in the wrong place - we continue to work with NBC on this issue as a priority.  

We have also been finalising plans for the Homecoming event happening on 24th - look out for flyers about this in public places, shops and businesses, this year see's some truly amazing acts come to NuL - Philip Astley would be proud!

We had our first planning meeting for Midsummer Wakes this week, and are looking for market stalls and dance groups to join our event - so if you belong to a dance group or want to have a stall for a day please get in touch - the more the merrier!

Other exciting news is that our new BID Manager Paul Collins has now joined us and has hit the ground running in his role as BID Manager - lots of ideas have been flying around the office and the next few months are set to be busy but exciting!

More news next week.....