Meet the BID Team

Now that the BID has gone live we would like to introduce our team!

Matt Taylor - BID Manager

Matt is a familiar face around Newcastle-under Lyme.  In the role of Town Centre Manager, which he has held for the past 2 years, Matt has helped organise and run various events in and around the town centre as well as continuing to promote Newcastle-under Lyme businesses.  Matt has been a key part in setting up the BID during the past few months.  As BID Manager Matt will continue to work closely with the businesses in the town centre to achieve the objectives set out in the BID plan which are:

Promote Newcastle-under-Lyme - to develop and promote the strengths and characteristics of Newcastle-under-Lyme as a vibrant, university, market town and build awareness of its retail, leisure and professional service sectors and its College, locally and regionally.

Develop the disctinctive Newcastle-under-Lyme experience - to develop the distinctive, safe, attractive and appealing experience for visitors and workers in Newcastle-under-Lyme to enjoy.

Growth, Development and Investment - to encourage growth and development of businesses and organisations which compliment and build of the strengths of Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Amy Williams - BID Administrator

Amy has joined our team to manage the day to day administration and finance of the company. Which includes updating our website and advertising events and businesses through social media as well as helping with the oragnisation of events and promotions.

Robert Pratt & Susan Smith - BID Ambassadors

We are excited to have recruited two BID Ambassadors whose job it will be to work closely with the businesses and visitors in the town.  They will be patrolling the BID zone on a daily basis to give out information, communicate with businesses and visitors alike. Their main duties include:

Business Engagement - Acting as a link between businesses and organisations within the BID area through scheduled and adhoc visits, they help to ensure businesses are getting the most out of BID services and projects.

Reporting - By reporting incidents and issues within the Newcastle, the Ambassadors help to ensure that the BID area is the best it can be for businesses.

Connecting - Ambassadors work with statutory services to report issues of concern for businesses such as anti-social behaviour, illegal trading or street repairs.

Welcoming visitors - Through their close communications with businesses, services and events in the BID area, they provide a welcoming and guiding service for visitors. In this way they stand to actively promote cultural activities, attractions, businesses and places of interest and support positive tourism to the area.